Featured Products

The company enjoys the privilege in providing services on behalf of following overseas manufacturers for the various equipment mentioned here in.

EdgeTech’s 6205

The 6205 utilizes EdgeTech’s next generation bathymetric technology to provide an enhanced and fully integrated, swath bathymetry and dual frequency side scan sonar system. The 6205 produces real-time, high resolution, three dimensional (3D) maps of the seafloor while providing co-registered simultaneous dual frequency side scan imagery.

Side Scan Sonar Systems

From six to six thousand meters, EdgeTech Side Scan Sonars offers advanced sonar imaging,search and recovery, survey and UED detection systems and solutions. We have a wide variety of side scan sonar systems providing high accuracy and resolution and that are multipurpose too..

Sub-bottom Profiling System

Our Sub-bottom Profiling System is a wideband Frequency Modulated (FM) sub-bottom profiler utilizing EdgeTech’s proprietary Full Spectrum CHIRP technology. The systems generate high-resolution images of the sub-bottom stratigraphy in oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Current Velocity Meters

We are leading providers of High-accuracy acoustic current meters with vector-averaged current speed and direction. Our Current Velocity Meters are compact, light-weight and easy to set up. Also the machines we provide are easy to use and maintain.

Sound Velocity Profilers

Deekay Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative supplier of Sound Velocity, CTD and Environmental sensors, probes and instruments. We have a number of CTD equipments to suit your requirements. Since its establishment in early 80's we are leading sound velocity profilers suppliers.

Wave and Tide Gauges

Deekay Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative supplier of High-accuracy instruments to measure tides and waves. We have a number of Wave and tide gauges equipments to suit your requirements. Since its establishment in early 80's we are leading wave and tide gauges suppliers.

Conductivity Temperature Depth Profilers

Deekay Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative supplier of High-accuracy Conductivity Temperature Depth Profilers. We have a number of Conductivity Temperature Depth Profilers equipments to suit your requirements. Since its establishment in early 80's we are leading Conductivity Temperature Depth Profilers suppliers.

Single Beam Echosounder

Our EA Series of single beam echo sounders use Microsoft WindowsTM based operating software. Basic operation is made using a track ball. A comprehensive operator manual is available online, always there when you need it. All echo sounder data can be stored data as files: bitmap, sample, data (for replay) or depth data.

Acoustic Release Transponder

The 8242XS is made entirely of Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloy with titanium closure hardware for very long deployments with no corrosion. Acoustic status reply includes tilt and release state. Command structure proven in the toughest acoustic environments anywhere.

CEESCOPE Portable Hydrographic System

CEESCOPE is a state of the art portable hydrographic surveying system with advanced capabilities in a truly compact package. Coupling powerful built-in RTK GNSS with a survey grade echo sounder in a single waterproof enclosure, it represents the ultimate in shallow water single beam survey systems.

Saab Sea Eye Bluestream ROV

An umbilical winch with sufficient capacity to accommodate the maximum length and diameter of ROV umbilical that the system requires. The winch will normally be fitted with a level wind mechanism to ensure even spooling of the umbilical cable onto the winch drum.

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)

An acoustic Doppler current profiler is a hydroacoustic current meter similar to a sonar, used to measure water current velocities over a depth range using the Doppler effect of sound waves scattered back from particles within the water column.

The OE14-408 (PAL and NTSC) is a new generation digital stills colour camera with smaller diameter and higher resolution than the previous model featuring 10 Megapixel resolution and 5x optical zoom.

Underwater Connector (SubConn Circular series)

MacArtney designs and manufactures state-of-the-art connectivity for any application within all maritime industries including subsea, offshore oil and gas, marine renewables, ocean science, civil engineering, defence, fisheries and diving..

Softwares Sonar Wiz


The MRU is suitable for any maritime operation that requires attitude determination and motion compensation. Kongsberg's range of motion sensors provides high accuracy motion measurements in all dynamic environments. They cover all marine activities, from small hydrographic vessels to large vessels and installations..

High Precision Acoustic Positioning System

The SSBL principle has the obvious advantage that it only requires installation of one hull mounted transducer and one subsea transponder to establish a three-dimensional position of the transponder. An SSBL system is measuring the horizontal and vertical angles together with the range to the transponder.

EM 122 multibeam echosounder is a high performance echosounder for deep water mapping with up to 288 simultaneous beams.

Portable ROV

The Aquabotix Endura is the latest evolution in Aquabotix’s proud history of innovative and advanced remote operated vehicles (ROVs). Endura is easy to use, portable (everything fits into one carry case), and can be customized with a variety of sensors to complete your mission whether simple or complex.

Under Water Sensors

ECO FL fluorometers measure fluorescence from chlorophyll-a, CDOM, uranine, rhodamine, and phycoyanin and phycoerythrin.

Autonomous Surface Vehicles

C-Worker 6 is a multi-role work class ASV suitable for a variety of offshore and coastal tasks.

C-Worker 6 can integrate a variety of payloads including multi-beam, USBL, CTD and ADCP via exchangeable payload frames.